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New Battle Snacks Flavour

Battle Snacks has officially unveiled the newest flavour for its delicious and top-rated protein bar, Battle Bites. The all-new Caramel Pretzel looks and tastes amazing!

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Repp Sports Raze Energy

The energy drink game is a market we’ve seen a lot of supplement companies get into over the past year, including REPP Sports with Raze Energy. The product only launched a year ago in four zero sugar and zero calorie flavors including the unique Sour Gummy Worms. Instead of describing the flavour of each of Raze Energy’s four options, we’re going to talk about our two favourites which are the creative Sour Gummy Worms which was added into Fitpack August and the surprisingly good Guava Mango (which is available to purchase through our online store).We can’t actually say which Raze Energy is our absolute flavor, mostly because Sour Gummy Worms and Guava Mango are both great in their own individual...

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